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Kamis, 18 November 2010

ASTRID PRATIWi hot sexy indo celeb

Sexy artist Seksi indo
Artis sexy sexy indo celeb

Familiar with the series Ugly Betty horrendous American mainland? POPULAR model this time is a 'Betty' with her own version. Starting as a teenage nerd girl, she managed to 'mix' looks and body that appear to be interesting on this page.
Since childhood, Astrid admitted she was not pretty. Let alone to attract the opposite sex, they just hang out with him was embarrassed. But, it first! Model birth Bandung, May 7, 1987 tells how the transformation from a nerdy girl to a sexy, shapely figure. Now, with what he got today, it's no wonder soap opera actor Madina and Aqso was so confident to look sexy in all conditions. But for bikinis and lingerie was, only that a place POPULAR landing his first sensual poses. We glad you've Chosen the right magazine, Astrid!


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