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Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

Discovering Your Passion

There have been many who have asked the question, "How do I determine my best career path?" Here, I will describe how I have answered that question in the past, and how I continue to answer that very important question today.

Some signs when I knew that I was on the right path:

  1. The day "flew by" because I was completely engrossed in the task.

  2. I was happy and challenged while doing it.

  3. At the end of the day, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction about what I had accomplished.

Our life's path is often discovered when we quiet our logical / analytical minds and really listen to what our "Inner Direction" is trying to tell us. It is the same feeling you get when you find a close friend or a special relationship. "It just feels right!"

Now, sometimes you need to "play the detective" to help you discover what your true calling is:

I suggest that you take note each time the above signals occur in your current employment or outside work activities and so, they will help point you towards what type of field most interests and satisfies you.

Often we graduate with a particular degree only to discover (if we really listen to ourselves) that we need to make a "course correction" to better align with our highest career path.

Yes, talking to others about different types of careers is helpful... but, it is really only by experiencing the function that we truly understand it. On that line, while with your current and future employers, I would encourage you to volunteer for as many "different" types of tasks as possible, and in so doing bring greater exposure to a wider range of activities.

This does not need to be limited to work only, I would also recommend that you do volunteer work in areas that appeal to you to learn more... also reading trade articles in as many different industries as possible to gain exposure to "what is out there".

By being alert to all of these messages you will then stand a very good chance to Discover your Passion and so create your optimum career path and all the happiness and satisfaction that it brings!


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